Do I need to earn my PDUs from PMI Registered Education Providers?

Earning your PDUs from PMI REPs (Registered Education Providers) has pros and cons compared to earning PDUs from other sources. One benefit is that the PDU is preapproved by PMI if it can be found in the registered activities database in PMI’s CCRS. The only documentation you will need is your certificate of completion for the course/video. However, you should consider the following before earning PDUs from REPs:

  • most PMI REPs charge money for their PDU-granting courses or only let you earn 1 or 2 free PDUs (tip: we can show you the easiest ways to earn all your PDUs for free);
  • a lot of websites offer “free PDUs” that are not pre-approved CCRS-listed REP course activities, which means they are self-directed learning activities and thus are more likely to be rejected or require further documentation to be approved by PMI (tip: if done correctly, claiming PDUs for reading certain books is also an easy way to get your PDUs for your PMP renewal); and
  • unlike reading a book, you need to watch videos and sometimes pass an online quiz in order to earn the PDUs.

Despite this, there are some great free pre-approved CCRS-listed REP courses and videos out there. Some of the things we’ve recently recommended to our RenewPM™ members include:

  • a pre-approved free online entry-level Six Sigma Certification Course;
  • pre-approved project management videos that submit your PDU claims automatically after you watch them;
  • a hidden way of making online videos and audio playback faster;
  • a playlist of 24 videos that will automatically meet the required minimum 8 hours for each of the 3 categories of PMI’s Talent Triangle;
  • an alternative set of books that meets the required minimum 8 hours for each of the 3 categories of PMI’s Talent Triangle;
  • a step-by-step set of simple customized instructions to quickly and easily meet all the requirements for PMP renewal;
  • and much more.

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